Frequently Asked Questions


What is Carepop?

Carepop is an online shop that offers health care supplies to household consumers in Malaysia at affordable price. You can find the following healthcare products in

  • Supplement & nutrition
  • Cosmetic & beauty
  • Bath & personal care
  • Baby & mum
  • Nursing & rehabilitation
  • Health & organic food


What healthcare brands do you carry?

You can see all brands that we carry at our Brands A-Z page.


Can I get a replacement if the product I received is expiring soon?


We have a product replacement policy where you can get a replacement for FREE if the product you received has an expiry date in less than 3 months. To be eligible for this, please send an email to with the info below:

  • Order number
  • Your name & contact number
  • A photo showing the product's expiry date


I am not sure if your product is suitable for me, what should I do?

Please consult with a medical professional or practitioner about your conditions and the product.


Are the products sold on Carepop genuine products?

All products on are genuine products sourced from authorized distributors. By working with established health care providers, we are able to bulk order and thus offer a more competitive price to consumers.


Why the products I received have a different packaging from your online image?

Most product packagings are being redesigned and repackaged every now and then to reflect the brand's promotion, as well as depending on the manufacturing process and guideline updates.

The product images seen on is updated at the time it's being posted but the packaging might change over time. If you have concern or doubt regarding product packaging, please contact us via


What does UOM mean? 

When you are shopping with Carepop, you will realized you get to choose different UOM for certain products.

UOM means "Unit of Measurement". By providing an UOM option, you gets to shop for product in the suitable quantity (For example, box Vs a few strips etc), and sometimes suitable for you to avoid wastage.


What are small items and big items? 

At Carepop, we want to cater to healthcare needs of all age group and as much conditions as possible. This means you are not only able to buy small items like supplement and hygienic products from Carepop, you can also get bulky healthcare items like wheelchair, shower chair and more delivered straight to your doorstep.

Due to the weight and size of these items, we have different shipping rates for them. Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery Policy for more info.


Why didn’t you carry brand / product X?

If there is a particular brand or product that you think we should be selling but are not currently doing so, please write to us at

We are always looking for suggestion to offer more healthcare product choices for our customers.


    What are the accepted payment modes for Carepop?

    You may make your payment using credit card, debit card or online bank transfer.


    What should I do if I discover a damaged / defect on my delivered item?

    We are extremely sorry about this. Please report this to our support within 48 hours of receiving the item via with following details:

    • Order number
    • Your name & contact number
    • A photo that shows the damaged / defective product
    • Other description, if applicable


    How do I get in touch with Customer Service?

    All enquiries can be directed to

    We are also always open for suggestion, feedback and recommendation. You may drop us an email at the email address above, we’d love to hear from you


    Who do I contact for marketing/media/HR enquiries?

    You may contact us via


    I am interested to work for Carepop, where can I find more info and who do I contact?

    You can refer to here for available vacancy and our working culture.

    If there is no suitable opening, feel free to drop us a note at and tell us why you would like to work with us. We are a friendly bunch and are always looking for talented people to join the team.